Saturday, October 10, 2009

Help someone in need

I know it has been forever since I has posted but I couldn't pass up this oppertunity to help someone out. Post something on you blog, facebook, ect and this family will receive a donation to help their little girl. She is a very cute girl and their family needs our help. just go to Help out this family in need.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I saw this picture after I posted my last post.....I had to show you all how bad it really was.  I love how white his teeth are.  That is about all you can see......HAHAHA!!!

To sum up the last few days.....

Jeremy had a race this weekend.  It was a huge mud mess.  He had to take off his goggles so he could see.  When he got home his eyes were all red and swollen.  He said that he was rubbing mud out of them all day.  He ended up getting last he was high centered on one of the hills and then he kept spinning out everytime.  Not a good race his uncle Lowell got first place.  
The BIGGEST bubble I have ever seen
Sheri Becker who is the trustee of the hockey team brought these over for the girls and they love them.  We had a good giggle over how funny they looked.  Thanks Sheri
Visiting Great Grandma Buttars.  I loved it when we walked in that Grandma held out her arms and wanted to hold Shayley.  I think no matter how old you are there is nothing that will stop you from holding a new baby.  
Ryley wanted to be big and burp the baby so I let her.  I love the big girl grin on her face.  I had to laugh she did such a good job that the baby spit up on her and she threw a fit.  she said "AHHHH mom Shayley just puked on me."  THen later that day she went to give Shayley a kiss and she spit up on her then too.  It got on her face and she flipped out again.  I had a nice chuckle over that one....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shayey's Blessing

We blessed Shayley on Sunday and it was a great day.  She was dressed to the max.  My Mom made her dress, Great Grandma Crossley made her sweater, Grandma Julie made her bracelet.  She looked so cute and made it through the whole blessing with out crying...  
Great Grandma Hillyard made the blanket.  We are so lucky to have such talented Grandparents.
Thanks to Daddy for giving her such a great blessing.  you are the best and we LOVE you!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Family Pictures

A big shout out to family pictures.  Oh how I love the times.  If you only saw the picture 2 seconds before this one, you would see Ryley's finger in her nose, Brynly pouting because she is tired and doesn't know why we have to take a family picture,  Shayley was screaming her head off because she was hungry, Jeremy telling the kids to look at the camera and I just sat there with a smile on my face and my fingers crossed hoping that we wont have to do this again....  Needless to say it all turned out and we have a family picture for the year.....
At this point it took all the kids had to smile.  I look at this and am wondering who is holding the baby.  It doesn't look like anyone is....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

To sum up the last few days

I just couldn't resist.  If my little "grumpy bear" wasn't so cute I would probably go insane.  And honestly she only cries when she is hungry.  I really am enjoying her in my life.  And here sisters are BIG helpers.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally Introducing.......

Shayley Crossley
Born March 30, 2009 @ 5:21 P.M. 
Weighing in at 7 pounds 11 ounces
(I blame it on the Coke Slurpee's I had everyday)

Friday, March 20, 2009

All Stars

As the head coach you choose from your team who gets to go to the All Star game of the North and then select players from the North play the South.  Because we finished third in the state Jeremy got to coach the games.  Yeah we won both games.  Utah High School Hockey also chooses coaches to coach both games.  It was awesome to see him do that and even better to have the teams he coached win.  This is him and Kenzie (his younger brother)  I had to take a picture because he is so much taller than Jeremy.  He does have skates on but he is still quite a bit taller.  
These are the kids that Jeremy picked to play They have also played with Jeremy the four years he's coached.  They are all Seniors.  There is Kenzie, Kyle Becker or Becker, Becker Tanton Jeppson, Chris Labrum, and Brandon Griffin.  They did so good and it was fun to see them play one last time.  We will miss you!!
If anyone is looking for something to do there is a game tonight for the Trappers @ 7:00 at the Eccles Ice Center.  Should be fun!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last night was our final HIgh School Hockey game.  Such a bitter sweet thing.  Knowing that another year is over but yet we will have our Daddy  home more.  This last 3 weeks have been really stressful.  We have gone down to  to Ogden, Bountiful, SLC, West Valley, and Kearns twice a week, except this week it was Wed, Thur and Fri.  Needless to say everyone is tired.  The guys played great and finished 2nd in the northern division.  Its been quite the ride.  I am lucky we get to go with Jeremy to the games.  A big shout out goes to the 2008-2009 Sky View Hockey Team.  Thanks for a great year!!!  Hopefully now we can get our house ready for the baby...... 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blogging Blues

I have not been in the mood to blog. I always look to see when all of my friends last blogged and when it has been a while I say to myself "would you just write a blog" now I am saying it to myself. A couple of weekends ago me and Jeremy headed to Jackson BY OURSELVES NO KIDS for his hockey tournament. It was a blast. We didnt do anything just sat around and talked with the guys on the hockey team. I was glad that we got the chance to go and relax I needed a break, and to be honest the girls needed a break from their psycho Mom. That is the first time they have stayed over at someone elses house without Mom and Dad there. They did good and I think everyone survived.

Things are soooo crazy right now. It is playoffs for the high school team and all the games are in Ogden or further south. So right now we live in our car. This week we play Wed, Thurs, and Friday night @ 8:30 or later. Then if we win those games we will play on Sat @ 8:30 for the State Championship. It should be a good time!!! After that High School Hockey will be over. Jeremy will have his 2 games in March to play here (luckly) and then maybe we will have a life. I am hopeing that all of this will put me into labor (j/k but I wish). The girls are so good at the games so it is nice that we get to go with him.

I am finally realizing that my little Brynly is going to Kindergarten next year and to be honest my mommy bear is kicking in. I feel like she is too tinny, but she is sooo ready to go to school and be a big girl. Any good advice for me?

44 day until the baby comes YEAH!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

For all those looking for something to do.....

Bring out the Xanex!!!  Jeremy will be playing hockey this weekend on their Semi Pro team.  Friday night the game is at 8:30 and then Saturday night @ 7:15  after the game Firehouse will be closing down to accommodate the team and fans.  I think it is all you can eat for $6.50.  They will be taking on the McCall Mountaineers.  They play by NHL rules so if they start fighting they don't stop them until they fall on the ice and yes the gloves come off first usually.  There are a couple of x-NHL guys on the team so they mean business.  Jeremy said they are super nice guys but when its time to play they have their game faces on.  He said the guys are HUGE!!!  So skate fast and duck.  We cant wait to see you our Dad play.  

Friday, January 16, 2009

What kind of mother do you think I am?

So this last weekend Jeremy was gone to Sun Valley for yet ANOTHER hockey trip.  I am glad that he goes and gets some manly time.  With all the women in his life I am sure that a little testosterone helps when possible.  Anyways,  the girls where dis trot without him here and for the life of everyone they would not sleep good unless they were in my bed.  I am getting to the point where I cant sleep as good so I was bound and determined that they would stay in their beds and I could get some good sleep myself.  The first night was a nightmare.  They were up all together 6 times.  So the next night before we settled down I asked them what I could do to help them stay in their beds, and to my surprise Brynly said  and I quote" you can just give us sleeping medicine."  Okay first of all how does she know about sleeping medicine and what kind of Mother does she think I am?  After a Holy Cow and a chuckle I gave them sleeping medicine.  JUST KIDDING I wouldn't do that.  They didn't sleep any better and was in my bed again but I have to say it was nice to have them there and I didn't worry about them downstairs by themselves with the boogie man.  I hate being alone and I creep myself out evertime that someone is in my house.  I only received a few kicks in the back and one in the head.  We are sure glad that Dad is home and with out too may bumps and bruises.  Maybe next time I will take the sleeping medicine.