Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Okay I finally got a Blog!!!  I took the plunge (with Melissa's help, thanks your the best) and now I am good to go.

So what a better way to start a blog than with an announcement.....We are moving to New York.

Just kidding I wish we could move but we are going to have a BABY.  Yes that's  right number 3 for us.  I am one week shy of 5 months.  Felling great and hoping that it is a boy.  I love my girls but we have alot of DRAMA at home and I think Jeremy would be glad to even things out.  But whatever it is we will be happy.  We aren't gong to find out  what it is just to keep the suspense.  My due date is on April 2.  I hope I go early if not we will have 2 birthdays in 1 week OOPS.

The girls are excited about the baby,  Brynly said to me before we told them "Mom you are going to have a baby your belly is getting big." so  I tole her it was just gas.  Then when we told her she couldn't understand why we said I had gas.  I haven't had to tell anyone she has done it all for me.  People look at me like Is she supposed to tell me that?  Do you think I would tell her if we weren't ready to tell people.  That's why we have waited to spill the beans until now.  

We took the girls on a treasure hunt to tell them.  At the end I had a note that said"We are going to have a baby" with treats in the bag.  Jeremy read the note and I was getting the treats out and Ryley said "  this is so exciting."  I asked her what she was so excited about and she said "we get treats"  I love that kid.

We are so glad that Uncle Tyler comes home on December 19th @ 6:15 P.M.  We are counting down the days.  It will be interesting to see what Ryley thinks of him she has only seen pictures.  She was 8 months when he left.  Brynly remembers him and says all the time "when is Tyler coming home?"  It will be great to see him.

Halloween was great fun!!!  We went to visit everyone and did a little Trick-or-Treating.  The kids had fun and that is all it is about.   My little PRINCESSES.

Pictures will follow next time.  To be honest I am not technology smart! HAHA