Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So Christmas was way fun this year.  Both the girls had a ton of fun and loved every present they got.  Of corse they were spoiled rotten and so was I.  We are blessed to be able to have such great Christmas'.    The girls are still young enough that we still get to sleep in.  We got up about 8:30 it was so nice!!!!  Hopefully next year will be the same.  
Brynly got her American Doll.  It's not a real American Doll.  It is called "Our Generation" and they are much, much cheaper.  She wanted one so bad.  We were at Grandpa Jerry's and they gave her the doll clothes first and she asked "what am I going to do with these?"  Well in the meantime her cousin Kayla opened her American doll and Brynly about fell out of her chair.  She was so close to tears she wanted one so bad.  She kept asking why Kayla got one and she didn't.  Well when it was her turn to open another present it was the doll and she was sooo excited and it ended the trauma.   Thanks  to Grandpa and Grandma Crossley for making her wishes come true!
These are their Christmas dresses.  I had fun curling their hair and making them all dolled up.  I have such a great time dressing them alike.  I am sorry but they are the cutest girls.  Hopefully I can blow this picture up and when they get older I can tell them that there was a time  in their lives that they did love each other.
This year was especially great our uncle Tyler came home from his mission in Mexico.  It felt like we had waited so long to see him and now he is finally here.  We can understand much of what he says he talks so fast and has accent.  Ryley wouldnt talk to him for a few days and then one day she decided that he was okay and talked his ear off.  She was 8 months old when he left. Brynly didn't skip a beat and for her it was like he never left.  Welcome home Ty we missed you!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

So Thanksgiving was great fun...  I know it is past and we are on to Christmas but  I thought that I would write about how much fun we had over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We had lunch at Jerry and Diane's and then we went shooting.  Yes that is my little girl shooting a gun.  We were able to go shopping the next morning.  We went to Wal-Mart at 4:30, that place is nuts!!!

After the shopping experience and a little sleep we went to the nutcracker with Grandma Hillyard.  Jeremy had a hockey tournament in SLC.  Brynly had her first dance performance Saturday.  She did so good I was way proud of her.  Then that night we headed down to SLC and watched Daddy play hockey.
He loves to play and I think he secretly likes to have his girls come and watch him.  It made me nervous there were some really big guys with hot heads that could sit on him and squish him.  Good thing he is faster than them so when they hit him against the boards he can squeeze his way out before it gets ugly. 
I have had the Wo is me with the holidays.  I need to just be greatful.  I stress about who we are going to see and having to choose between four families.  I should be glad that I have four places to pick from and they want me to go there too.  When all is said and done we had a great busy time and I got some quality time with my husband and kids.