Friday, March 20, 2009

All Stars

As the head coach you choose from your team who gets to go to the All Star game of the North and then select players from the North play the South.  Because we finished third in the state Jeremy got to coach the games.  Yeah we won both games.  Utah High School Hockey also chooses coaches to coach both games.  It was awesome to see him do that and even better to have the teams he coached win.  This is him and Kenzie (his younger brother)  I had to take a picture because he is so much taller than Jeremy.  He does have skates on but he is still quite a bit taller.  
These are the kids that Jeremy picked to play They have also played with Jeremy the four years he's coached.  They are all Seniors.  There is Kenzie, Kyle Becker or Becker, Becker Tanton Jeppson, Chris Labrum, and Brandon Griffin.  They did so good and it was fun to see them play one last time.  We will miss you!!
If anyone is looking for something to do there is a game tonight for the Trappers @ 7:00 at the Eccles Ice Center.  Should be fun!!!